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Use this form to make a privacy request regarding your personal information. The different types of requests you can make are found below. Enter your details, choose the type of request you would like to make, and submit the form.

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The information you provide here will be processed solely for the purpose of verifying your identity and residency, identifying the information you're requesting, and answering your request.

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We intend on completing your request within the required amount of time based on governing law, however, if fulfilling your request requires more time, we will notify you to extend this timeline.

The processing of this request is free of charge. Please note that we may refuse to act, as allowed within governing laws, if a request is insufficiently substantiated, unfounded, or excessive. If we are unable to process the request for the above reasons, we will notify you.

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Request a report detailing how your personal information may be collected, used, and disclosed.

Request your personal information be shared in a machine-readable format.

Request your personal information be purged or anonymized.

Request the correction of inaccurate or outdated personal information.

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